Robin Bortlik

Web application developer

Email: robinbortlik(at)
Tel: +420 724 528 829
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Software engineer with love to Ruby and Javascript. Always exciting about new technologies and solutions.

Experience - Cofounder (December 2015 – Present)

With my 2 good friends, we setup a team of independent software engineers called Slowpath. We offer our clients a possibility to hire whole team on project basis or long term contracts. Our backend stack includes mainly Ruby on Rails application with Postgresql, Mongodb, Solr, Redis. On frontend we are testing ReactJS, which we also used in implementation of Premier Pro plugin.

Panter AG - Software engineer (November 2014 – November 2015)

In Panter I was mainly responsible for maintenance of old Ruby on Rails applications, and implementation of new MVP projects. The projects were mainly implemented in the team of 2-3 developers, with use of SCRUM methodology. Our workflow included pull requests and code reviews with focus on code readability and testability.

USU Software – Consultant, Software engineer (September 2013 – August 2014)

I joined the team of 5 developers in the middle of the project. My responsibility was to improve the code quality, project stability and share my knowledge with other colleagues. In my free time, I prepared a strategy for code refactoring and presentations for my colleagues about Ruby language.

Polarion Software – Software engineer (September 2012 – August 2013)

In Polarion Software we were implementing enterprise application with usage of Ruby on Rails and EmberJS. I was the part of the frontend team and my focus was on creating EmberJS components, from which we composed whole applications. In some cases I was also developing a backend API.

Freelancing (June 2011 – September 2012)

The portfolio of the projects I was working on in this time is composed mainly from small startup projects developed for my clients. All of them was implemented with Ruby on Rails, jQuery and hosted on Heroku with asset hosting on S3.

Foundum S.L. – Internship, Software engineer (June 2011 – June 2011)

I joined the Foundum team as intern with a goal to properly learn application testing and improve my experience with large codebase architecture. I worked whole month for free and it helped me to start my carrier of software engineer.

Railsformers – Software engineer (January 2007 – April 2011)

After I finished my studies on University of Ostrava, I started work as junior Ruby on Rails developer for Railsformers. In small team of 4 people we developed eshops, presentation websites and intranets for companies from Ostrava city. Last year of my work in this company, I was able to manage some of the projects by myself.


2012 - University of Ostrava Pedagogical Faculty - Bachelor

Owned open source projects and contributions

Validates Overlap, Db Explorer, Fio API wrapper, Materialize framework, Liquid extensions, Refinery CMS

Next technologies to learn

Reactjs, Rust , Docker